Vital Signs

Lyrics and Book by Jahn Sood, Music by Max Mamon

The employees of a strange, futuristic corporation meet in the copy room and make a impassioned attempt at rediscovering what it means to be human. “It’s what’s inside that’s most important.”

Check out the music below!

Video of “Vital Signs” at the Theater At St. Clements. Featuring: Holly Hylton (Marianne), Julia Burrows (Darla), Jonny Atkinson (Mitch), Saheem Ali (Dir.), Yan Li (MD), Lisa Klages (SM, Special Effects), Alana Jacoby (Lights), Micah Joel (Video).

Max and I first wrote this piece at NYU Tisch Graduate Musical Theater Writing.  It has since been produced at the Theater At St. Clements (Off B’way) and read at NYU, Culturehub Studios NYC, The Duplex Cabaret Theater, and simulcast at the Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea, and performed in Hamburg, Germany featuring Holly Hylton and the German cast of Phantom of the Opera.  For their work on Vital Signs at the Theater at St. Clements, Saheem Ali was nominated for Best Director in the Strawberry One-Act Festival 2012 and Jonny Atkinson was nominated for Best Actor.

Holly Hylton, Julia Burrows and Mykal Kilgore reading VS at Culturehub Studios NYC.

More photos by Micah Nordvedt from Vital Signs at the Theater @ St. Clements.

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