In A Sea of Faces

Next stop: Hypokrit Theater Company, NYC. Dir. Aprita Muckherjee.

Reading Sept 7, 2019 (on Governor’s Island).  Production Spring 2020.

“Sood succeeds in creating a tender and original story through In a Sea of Faces. Most impressive is Sood’s exquisite score, complete with stirring anthems and characterized solos, all written with the bouncy, seafaring lilt of a Gaelic hymn and sung by a masterful cast. … This show deserves many lives more. For a play about longing to escape, it’s not hard to be charmed by the alluring if not isolated world of Sood’s island, to want to stay there and play a little while longer.” –

Jahn Sood’s In A Sea of Faces is a folk tale about an island that is sinking into the sea, and the family that sinks with it.

The show toured the coast of Maine in the summer of 2016, reaching Southwest Harbor, Bass Harbor and Rockland before returning to New York to play September 15-25, 2016 at Cloud City, Brooklyn, NY.  The Maine tour and Brooklyn showcase were directed by Katie Melby, music directed, vocal arranged and orchestrated by Max Mamon and featured cast: Meghan McGeary, Andrew Lynch, Ashkon Davaran, MK Morrissey, Me’lissa Smith, Elias Wygodny, Phoenix Gonzalez, Andrew Simon and band: Jeremy Yaddaw, Eli Zoller, Tim Wendt, Nate Lesser and Mike Preen.

Previously there were readings of In A Sea of Faces at MTF in NYC in May and July 2014, a physical workshop at the Barn Arts Collective in Bass Harbor, Maine in July 2015 with movement by Katie Melby.  Music from the show has been featured in concerts at Joe’s Pub and the Metropolitan Room in New York, Barrington Stage Co and the Middle East in Massachusetts.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to keep In A Sea of Faces afloat.  You can donate at this website.

The following demos were recorded lovingly in my living room in Greenpoint with Max Demers, Julia Burrows, Andrew Lynch, Phoenix Gonzalez, Ronald Peet, Lizzie Hagstedt.



3 responses to “In A Sea of Faces”

  1. The music from this beautiful Folk Opera will stay with me forever. I am so grateful to have attended a performance here in Rockland, Maine.

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