The Disappearing Man

THE DISAPPEARING MAN is a new folk opera that takes place backstage at a small-time circus in 1936. A magician and his lovely assistant fight to break free of the roles they’ve always played and start anew. The Disappearing Man was most recently presented as part of the Ignite! Festival at the Repertory Theatre of St.…

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In A Sea of Faces

Next stop: Hypokrit Theater Company, NYC. Dir. Aprita Muckherjee. Reading Sept 7, 2019 (on Governor’s Island).  Production Spring 2020. “Sood succeeds in creating a tender and original story through In a Sea of Faces. Most impressive is Sood’s exquisite score, complete with stirring anthems and characterized solos, all written with the bouncy, seafaring lilt of…

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Vital Signs

Lyrics and Book by Jahn Sood, Music by Max Mamon The employees of a strange, futuristic corporation meet in the copy room and make a impassioned attempt at rediscovering what it means to be human. “It’s what’s inside that’s most important.” Check out the music below! Video of “Vital Signs” at the Theater At St. Clements. Featuring: Holly…

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A new musical by Jahn Sood.  Ernesto “Che” Guevara from the perspective of four women in his life who each saw him as a different man, with a different name, and his quest to reinvent himself and find his own independence.  Now in development at MTF as part of the Lerner & Lowe writer’s group.

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With You Always

…is a new musical with Lyrics & Book by Jahn Sood and Music by Max Mamon. David, an aspiring minister, struggles to conquer his inner Goliath to make room for the people he loves. “God gave up before the last day, but we don’t have to.” The following EP features: Margo Seibert & Ben Moss (Vocals), Max Mamon (Piano),…

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The Shakuntala Project

I co-wrote the score of this play with composer Brian Cavanagh-Strong.  The play was written and directed by Nikhil Mehta and staged at the brand new Black Box Okhala in New Delhi, India.  Read about it here or here.  Buy tickets here. The meta-theatrical play-within-a-play comments on the impossibility of rehearsing a relationship and truly…

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The Last Words of Dutch Shultz

Words by Jahn Sood, Music by Pat Irwin. As the nefarious gangster bleeds to death, his dying words lead us on an ethereal journey through his subconscious. “The boy has never wept or dashed a thousand kim.  Mama, mama what have you done with him.” Adapted from the screenplay by William S. Burroughs.

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