Here are some of my essays and stories.  I founded and edited the first four volumes of a journal called The Inman Review during my time in Cambridge, MA and many of these pieces originally appeared there.  I’ve left magazine in the hands of the brilliant Annabel Gill, and info about forthcoming issues can be found on the magazine’s Facebook page.  Volume 6 just went to print.

“The Inman Review… isn’t seeking to be the avatar of some revolutionary new kind of writing–just good writing, and good art.  And it’s especially interested in whether art can be a means of generating a community.”   -Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Robert Campbell

“This bouncy prose and poetry, these drawings and photographs, are lively and soulful enough to be worthy of the name and neighborhood.” -Former US Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky

Article from the BOSTON GLOBE about the INMAN REVIEW.

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