Cloud City Sessions

This record captures the magic that happened when MTF produced The Disappearing Man at Cloud City in Brooklyn in 2014.  Hopefully it will keep you warm when the whiskey’s gone.   Listen below, or check us out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or Bandcamp.

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Arts & Crafts

Some basement tapes from 2010-2012. Recorded with Rebekah Melocik, Or Matias, Ben Bonnema, Felice Kuan, Salomon Lerner. Preview tracks below!  The rest of the record is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.  

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With You Always EP

Lyrics by Jahn Sood, Music by Max Mamon, recorded with Margo Seibert, Ben K Moss and an awesome little chamber ensemble.  The songs come from our musical by the same title, but we’ve reorganized them and reorchestrated them so this little EP tells its own story. Listen below, or check us out on iTunes, Spotify,…

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I Will Go

Wanna see what I was like a long time ago?  See if you can track down this record I made in the spring of 2005 with Joe O’Brien at Foreside Studios in Falmouth, ME.  It’s probably on the internet somewhere. All Music Guide

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