My album, Arts & Crafts is available now on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

Check out some preview tracks below!

 All songs written and performed by Jahn Sood.  Additional performances: Rebekah Melocik (vocals #1, 2, 4), Or Mattias (piano #1, melodica #2, 3), Felice Kuan (cello #1, 3, 4), Ben Bonnema (vocals #4, cello arrangements #1, 3, 4), Salomon Lerner (organ #5).  All songs ©ASCAP Jahn Sood / Folk On! Publishing


I was also a founding member of Ezra Furman & The Harpoons (2006-2008) and performed on the albums: Banging Down the Doors, Beat Beat Beat,  & Moon Face.



Here’s the title track from I Will Go, an album I made in 2005 in Maine.

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