We Were An Island

Screenplay by Jahn Sood, Directed by Peter Logue SHOOTING JUNE 2018. “We Were An Island” imagines the life of Art & Nan Kellam, a couple who moved to an uninhabited island off the coast of Maine in 1949. Whether in response to the horrors they witnessed in international news during World War II or from…

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Feed the Beast (AMC)

Assisted Composer Pat Irwin on Season 1’s score. Music Supervised by Michael Hill. Exec Produced by Clyde Phillips. Two friends attempt to start a gentrifying restaurant in the Bronx while David Schwimmer wines and whines and the more vital guy seduces his girlfriends, past and present, behind his back.

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Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Assisted Composer Pat Irwin (Seasons 5-7). Music Supervised by Michael Hill, Exec. produced by Clyde Phillips. Edie Falco plays a sarcastic lifetime New Yorker who must juggle, dating, parenting and recreational drug use while nursing at a major urban hospital. Listen really closely for the tender acoustic guitar playing of Jahn Sood in certain scenes…

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Gypsy (Netflix)

Transcribed/arranged the songs in the pilot episode written by Esme Patterson, Music Supervised by Michael Hill. Naomi Watts plays a privileged commuter shrink who seems mildly interested in her patients’ friends and lovers who lead her back to the city AT NIGHT.

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Peg Plus Cat (PBS)

Assisted Composer Pat Irwin on a few episodes of this animated series on PBS. A young woman learns about math while exploring a fanciful dreamscape earth with a talking cat who is quite good at counting.

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Backyards & Bullets (NBC)

(Guitarist/On Screen) I am the fuzzy green blob playing guitar in the background of this 2007 NBC pilot (IMDB), which never aired.  My band at the time, Ezra Furman & the Harpoons was featured to give a sense of verisimilitude to this suburban Midwest story.  Ironically, it was shot in Pasadena, CA in a backyard…

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