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Understanding Squirrels

I spent the last couple days with Olivia—a small brown and white dog. Her humans are out of town for the holiday so she’s visiting Brooklyn. She is a good dog in the sense that her habits agree with mine. She eats twice a… Continue Reading “Understanding Squirrels”

Misty as the Himalayan pre-Dawn

I am back in New York now, and though the grand adventure is over for the time, I realize my reportage is incomplete. When I left off I was leaving India to go to Nepal and spent the next six weeks in Nepal, Himachal,… Continue Reading “Misty as the Himalayan pre-Dawn”

Fragments, The Discovery of India

March 31, Bandra West, Mumbai…his visceral negative reaction to my half-joking idea of making an epic biopic portraying Guru Gobind Singh as a freedom fighter and neglecting the religious narrative, led to a great argument about art, India and cultural appropriation, eventually digressing to… Continue Reading “Fragments, The Discovery of India”

28 & 88

When I woke up in India for the first time, it was cool and misty and the backyard was full of monkeys.  That was nearly a month ago in New Delhi and since then I have filled an entire leather bound journal (the only… Continue Reading “28 & 88”

Seven Suitcases

In 1947 India was partitioned into three countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The lines were drawn in part based on religious majorities determined by a British census but also after lobbying from different factions of the revolutionary movement. For most of India, Partition took… Continue Reading “Seven Suitcases”


I’m leaving for India on March 1st. This is where I’m going to write notes about my trip.  To the right are photos from Instagram.  Soon more things will happen and I will post photos from India, then my Instagram will cease to be… Continue Reading “India”

Music Video!

Check out the new music video from the song “Airplane” with stop motion animation by Laura Lancaster.