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The Disappearing Man

THE DISAPPEARING MAN is a new folk opera that takes place backstage at a small-time circus in 1936. A magician and his lovely assistant fight to break free of the roles they’ve always played and start anew. The Disappearing Man was most recently presented as… Continue Reading “The Disappearing Man”

In A Sea of Faces

In A Sea of Faces is a folk tale about an island that is sinking into the sea, and the family that sinks with it. Next stop: Hypokrit Theater Company, NYC. Dir. Aprita Muckherjee. Reading January 2019 (on Governor’s Island).  Production Fall 2020. “Sood… Continue Reading “In A Sea of Faces”

We Were an Island

We Were an Island is a short flim written and composed by Jahn Sood, directed by Peter Logue, and starring Becky Ann Baker, Loudon Wainwright III, Jenny Mudge, Chris Henry Coffey and Dylan Baker.  The film is having its first round of screenings and… Continue Reading “We Were an Island”

Music Video!

Check out the new music video from the song “Airplane” with stop motion animation by Laura Lancaster.